How to Set Up Your Home Office Desk - Tips and Tricks

There has been a renewed focus on home office desk setup and how we choose to work remotely. Everyone has different considerations, and it’s always interesting to see what people prioritize in their office desk setup at home. For some, peace and quiet are crucial, so they’ll invest in accessories such as Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. Others need better peripheral accessories to support heavy workloads, opting for wireless keyboards and chargers to help them be more productive.

Of course, there is no right or wrong in how you set up your home office desk; it’s a matter of choice ad preferences. However, we’ve scoured around for the best home office desk setups and collected some tips and tricks to help you elevate your office desk setup at home and be more productive.

Considerations for creating the best desk setup for home office

How to choose your equipment

So the first thing you’ll want to think about, of course, is the equipment you need and how that factors into your desk setup. Do you work off a desktop or laptop? Are you a notepad and pen type person, or prefer to type notes and thoughts down? What peripherals do you think would be the most helpful in working productively?

The next thing to consider is desk real estate. How much space do you realistically have to add new items in? Is there enough storage space such as drawers and cabinets to put things away? 

All of these things will come together when you’re trying to create the best home office desk setup. You can choose accessories and peripherals based on how much space you have and purchase small cabinets, shelves, or a set of drawers to store additional items. That will free up desk space and allow you to pick peripherals that can help you work better.

Once you know how much space you have to work with, you can start looking into peripherals and accessories to help you work better. For example, if you’re working on a desktop, consider getting something like a Classic Monitor Stand or an Aluminum Monitor Stand for Computers & Laptops.

Not only will it help elevate your screen at the correct levels to prevent eye strain, but it’s sleek and minimal enough that it won’t take up tons of space. Your office desk setup at home likely doesn’t have a ton of space, so it’s crucial to use what you do have well and ensure everything you have on the desk is functional. 

Accessories like monitor stands are especially important if you work on kitchen tables often or at a lower table. Otherwise, you’re likely to strain your neck and eyes more often as you’ll keep bending to look at the screen.

Some general work from home tips

When it comes to creating the best desk setup for home office, it’s not just about what’s on your desk but also about behavior. Working from home can often be difficult because there are fewer distractions, so you don’t take as many breaks as you might in the office. This causes additional strain, stiffness, and eye strain so remember - take breaks! Short and frequent breaks around the 20-minute mark are a great way to break up the monotony and help you refocus a bit.

Having a dedicated space also helps, but of course, that’s not always possible depending on where you live. Even in a smaller space, you can still designate one thing to work on to help you make some distinction between leisure and work time. Whether it’s one specific side of the kitchen table that’s solely for work or a part of the bedroom that isn’t the bed itself, distinctions help! 

One secret to forcing yourself to take breaks? Put your devices to charge in another area rather than right around you. If you have something like the Trio Qi Wireless Charging Pad, it’s easy enough to move around so you can charge your devices quickly, and putting it elsewhere can force you to get up and take a break every so often. 

Your surroundings matter

With work from home a sudden decision for many areas, there probably hasn’t been much room or time to really decorate your workspace or even improve some of its aspects for easier working. However, your surroundings do matter! 

Good lighting and some plants can make a world of difference in helping you feel more grounded and productive. Even a small, low-maintenance plant such as a succulent or a snake plant can make a big difference to your home office desk setup’s overall atmosphere and make it a bit more bright and cheery.

What you put on the desk also matters, of course, in this respect. Desk accessories and peripherals can help your space feel more modern and productive.

 For example, you could go for something like the Eco-Leather Deskmate if you want a sleek addition to your home office desk setup. Functioning as a mouse pad, food mat, writing surface, and much more, it’s an incredibly useful addition to your home office desk setup. Looking for something a little more functional to create the best home office desk setup? The Slim W3 Wired Backlit Keyboard is a peripheral accessory with a modern touch to add a touch of style to your desk. 

Working from home and creating the best desk setup for a home office is about balancing style and practicality to create a space that works for you. Whether you’re using a corner of the kitchen table or having a dedicated room to work, you can make a small addition to ensure that your workspace makes you feel good and can help you perform better.

Whether it’s making simple changes like adding more light or keeping the temperature at a certain level, or opting for more accessories and equipment to help you be more productive, it’s always a matter of personal choice. With more devices and accessories coming out, you will have tons of options to create an office desk setup at home that works for you.

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