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With the holidays around the corner, we thought this would be a great time to share our ultimate tech gift list for 2020. Featuring some of the best tech gifts of the year, we’ve picked options that fit a variety of budget ranges and tech interests. Our guide’s options include work from home must-haves and essentials for relaxing at home with your favorite devices. Whether you’re looking for gifts for tech geeks or someone not as tech-savvy, here are some of the best tech gifts for Christmas:

Quatro Wireless Power Bank

The Quatro Wireless Power Bank is a wireless charger that’s perfect for when charging on-the-go. A great tech gift for Christmas, it’s lightweight, portable, and ultra-sleek. Charging at 10000 mAh, the Quatro Wireless Power Bank features a Qi wireless charge, multiple USB ports as well as a built-in Apple Watch charger. Recharge multiple devices simultaneously, wherever you go; it’s the perfect Christmas gift for both tech geeks and non-tech geeks alike!

Please note this product is currently only shipping within the US.

Aluminium Mouse Pad

Ultra-sophisticated and functional, the Satechi Aluminium Mouse Pad is your next tech essential. Whether working from home, gaming, browsing, or relaxing, this stylish mouse pad looks great in your space. Plus, the Aluminium Mouse Pad can withstand heavy use, and it protects the surface below from scratches, making it a win-win purchase!

Wireless Charging Pad

If you’re looking for practical yet stylish gifts for tech geeks, the Satechi Wireless Charging Pad is a great choice. It’s sleek and minimal, so it’s an excellent addition to a home office desk or for personal use. The wireless charging pad works across iPhones and Android devices, and best of all, it minimizes the need for annoying charging cables. 

R1 Aluminum Hinge Holder Foldable Stand

As we all continue to stay home and video calls become more frequent, the R1 Aluminum Hinge Holder Foldable Stand is one of the best tech gifts for Christmas. Perfect for both mobile devices and tablets, it elevates the device and provides a much more comfortable video call experience since you won’t need to hold the phone the entire time. Constructed from aluminum, the R1 has supporting grips finished in rubber to safely hold your device and prevent scratching or slipping.

Eco-Leather Deskmate

A great work from home accessory, the eco-leather deskmate by Satechi is stylish, modern, and a great tech gift for Christmas. Crafted from high-quality Polyurethane (PU) leather, this deskmate is multipurpose. It can be used as a mouse pad, writing surface, food mat, and more while protecting desk space from scratches and marks. As a bonus, it’s also water-resistant, so spills won’t be an issue.

M1 Wireless Mouse 

The Satechi M1 Bluetooth Mouse completes any modern home office desk, and it’s one of the best tech gifts for Christmas. It features a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, a rechargeable Type-C port, and a sleek ergonomic design. Supporting both Mac and Windows OS, this mouse is easy to use and seamlessly connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices with a range of up to 32 feet. 

Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Stylish and cool, our Aluminum USB Headphone Stand is a modern solution to store and charge over-ear headphones. One of the best tech gifts for geeks and audiophiles, this headphone stand is functional and convenient. Featuring convenient USB-A data transfer ports and a 3.5mm audio jack port, it’s perfect for everyday use and a work from home essential.

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

The Satechi Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard is a versatile and cool gift for tech geeks and non-tech geeks. Featuring enhanced scissor-switch keys and an extended keyboard layout, it’s perfect for at-home work and personal use. The Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard has a full-sized QWERTY keyboard layout with a numeric keypad. The wireless Bluetooth function connects up to three devices as well as a  rechargeable USB-C port.

USB-C Wireless Charging Dock For Airpods

As everyone spends more time on Zoom, high-quality Bluetooth headphones and chargers are becoming more and more essential. The Satechi USB-C Wireless Charging Dock For Airpods are a perfect solution for those looking for a sleek and modern charging solution for Airpods. The Charging Dock features a direct USB-C connection that recharges Airpods when connected to a  powered Type-C device. Compact yet elegant, this Charging Dock simplifies wireless charging for Airpods.

Satechi Universal Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand 

One of the best gifts for Christmas, the Satechi Universal Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand, is practical, sleek, and elegant. This is great for people with messy desks and clutter. Fitting laptops from ½” to 1 ¼” thickness, even with most laptop shell cases, has universal capability. Store important devices standing upright in the stand, and the protective rubberized grips provide additional support. The stand is constructed with durable anodized aluminum, and it’s both functional and protective as it also features a bottom chamber to regulate airflow and help prevent overheating.

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