Apple Update DisplayLink Errors- Avoid with Satechi Products

SAN DIEGO- (April 20, 2018)- If you've downloaded Apple's recent MacOS 10.13.4 update, you may be experiencing display issues- specifically with DisplayLink. Reports state that many have suffered from their screens going black or their displays shutting down after updating their MacBook. 

Satechi dongles allow you to update your devices without hindering your displays. Satechi adapters offer DisplayPort over USB-C,which is compatible with MacOS 10.13.4 unlike DisplayLink. Consumers will be safe from display mishaps caused by Apple's latest update. Don't worry about trying to fix DisplayLink issues after updating your device, simply integrate our adapters into your setup and enjoy your display experience- hassle free. 

Satehi offers a wide variety of display adapters, which can be found in the Hubs/ Docks section of our website. Our new Type-C Multimedia Adapter is a great option. Its 4K mini DisplayPort allows for a brilliant mirrored display on either an HDMI or DP monitor, up to 4K @ 30Hz. Enjoy an HD experience on not one, but two screens- making for an ideal multimedia companion. The HDMI/ mini DP display supports devices with DisplayPort over USB-C (Alt mode) and requires mini DP-mini DP, HDMI-HDMI connection. A majority of our dongles are offered in silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. The adapter of your choice will seamlessly fit into your set up.

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