What to Expect From VR Technology In the Next 5 Years?

As technology evolves, at Satechi, we can’t help but look to the future. Within the span of decades, we have seen incredible progress. Devices have changed, our relationship with technology has changed, and with new innovations such as virtual reality technology emerging, there is so much more to be discovered! 

We are fortunate to be in a time with so many advancements, and our products continue to reflect the changing times. The virtual reality industry is currently seen as a technology with the highest projected potential; it is predicted that virtual reality investment will multiply considerably by 2022. This shows the industry’s massive potential and the investment many are willing to make to ensure it reaches its full potential. 

Looking ahead, we’re now thinking about what to expect from virtual reality technology in the next five years and what we can expect as this exciting new technology continues to develop!

Better visuals in virtual reality technology future

There is no arguing that visuals play a crucial role in the virtual reality experience and creating something truly immersive. The near-term focus for virtual reality technology is on improving the visuals, particularly for high-end headsets. 

Current development is working towards creating visuals that match what the human eye can see and really elevate the experience. Pixels will likely double, and resolution will continue to improve. Specifically, the fixed depth of focus is an important area of consideration for virtual reality companies such as Oculus.

Powerful processors and realistic experiences

As the virtual reality technology develops over the course of the next few years, there will be greater demand for truly lifelike experiences. 

This means taking any cables out of the equation and working towards a wireless experience. Developing more powerful processors and displaying in 8K will ensure not just a realistic experience, but one that minimizes effects such as motion sickness and dizziness that often occur. As the technology improves, expect to see far more high-resolution experiences that will leave you truly stunned.

Hand tracking

During the annual Oculus Experience presentation, chief scientist Michael Abrash suggested that hand-tracking would become a standard feature within five years. This is astonishing development and one that really highlights the sheer potential of what can be accomplished by virtual technology. 

Development towards hand-tracking would mean no controllers or gloves, thereby making the process more streamlined. It ties back to the last point about realistic experiences and the technology’s accuracy in the future. The hand-tracking would be enough to represent precise hand movements in VR. Potential applications could include more life-like and expressive avatars and making simpler interactions easier without requiring controllers. 

Used across industries

When virtual reality was first introduced, it was a reach. Not easily accessible, clunky, and hard to use for many. However, at the rate the technology is being developed, you can expect to see a lot more virtual reality technology in the future. 

Already industries such as tourism have been using virtual reality, particularly during lockdown, to create immersive experiences for customers within their own homes. As the technology continues to grow and barriers to pricing begin to lower, more and more industries will adopt virtual reality technology. There are so many use cases for it already, and companies are increasingly creating virtual reality plans to prepare for future usage as the technology develops.

Ultimately, the future of virtual reality technology is bright. There are so many applications out there for it already, and that will continue to grow. Virtual reality technology can take businesses to new heights and create opportunities for immersive experiences like never before. It seems like, within five years, virtual reality might be just the thing to transform the technology world as we see it!

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