What is GaN Charging?

GaN is going to change how you charge your devices!

 As devices evolve over the years, they change in size, design, and functionality… but one thing you always need is MORE POWER! Yes, there is a wide range of fast charging protocols and PD chargers on the market today, but what if you could have a better and more powerful device that was not only smaller... but can run cooler and allow for multiple connections? It sounds too good to be true, right?!

Let me introduce to you the Amazing GaN chargers

In the past, we have released our Travel Chargers and larger wattage portable devices that can charge all your Tech, from your laptop to your phone, to all of the power banks and headphones in-between. One exemplary device can replace a dozen chargers. Well, GaN Technology promises high efficiency and voltages to streamline this performance. It has low on-state resistance and fast-switching properties. Meaning, that its fast charging capabilities can be easily enabled, giving you the peace of mind and convenience of getting the power you need; when you need it.


Previously, the primary material used in the internal voltage chip production was silicon. But silicon allows a limited amount of thermal and electrical transfer. Hence, it is becoming difficult for chip manufacturers to use it in modern devices that produce more heat. Using gallium nitride (GaN), a semiconductor material used in the manufacturing of LEDs (think the blue laser used for Blue-ray players), means it's easier for energy to pass through it and enables it to sustain higher temperatures and higher voltages than silicon. GaN allows your devices to stay cool, not overheat, and maintain a fuller charge, ensuring less discharge on the battery over time… Meaning, less wasted energy and more money saved on that pesky electric bill. 

All this, and it's still 2.5 times faster than a standard 1A output!

Our premier GaN chargers will come in two sizes:

- A Dual 100W PD compatible switching model, suitable for new larger MacBook Pros and Gaming computers, while still including a USB-A port for your other accessories.

- A single small 100W travel charger for on the go power in your pocket when you need it.

All of this might sound a bit confusing, but I hope it made sense. If you carry many gadgets or travel often, you need two things: A new GaN charger with Power Delivery and a new battery pack with Power Delivery (like our New QUATRO WIRELESS POWER BANK!). You'll need to carry fewer chargers, and everything you own will charge at maximum speed and efficiency. You'll carry less weight, fewer chargers, and save time and money.

Satechi stays at the forefront of technology. Only a few vendors are producing GaN components, and we are proud to bring you innovation in battery-charging.

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Not sure I understand all this. But is this GaN tech possible for applications like multirotor drones, providing faster discharge rate, generate less heat, in a smaller, lighter weight power source?

Currently, we use 3, 4 or 6 cell LiPO batteries that are large and heavy which limits flight times.

Or is GaN not a battery power source?

Thank You

  • Bruce Christianson
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