6 Best Satechi Accessories To Pair With Your M2 MacBook Air

It is always exciting when you are given the opportunity to update your Apple devices to the newest and most improved generation. That opportunity presents itself quite often considering there are four Apple events per year where new products, product redesigns, and upgrades are unveiled.  

Most recently, Apple added the newly designed M2 MacBook Air to the MacBook family. Besides coming in two brand new colors—Starlight and Midnight; the laptop has plenty of other features that users are sure to love including a larger Liquid Retina Display, new charging options, and the powerful M2 Chip. 

If you are one of the people who has already gotten your hands on the M2 MacBook Air, then you came to the right place. Satechi accessories are capable of enhancing the M2 experience to the max, and this article breaks down the tech specs of some of the best Satechi products that are fully compatible with the new MacBook. 

Read on to discover the six best Satechi products to pair with the new M2 MacBook Air   

165W GaN Charger

The perfect companion to the most powerful MacBook Air is Satechi’s most powerful charger. This charger is a fan favorite because, in addition to powering your MacBook, it is capable of charging three other devices at great speed! Depending on how many devices you have plugged in, the four USB-C PD outputs can split the total 165W of power in various ways with 100W being the max power output on one port. For example, if you have three devices connected the power may split power to 100W/30W/30W. If you have four devices connected it may split to 60W/45W/30W/30W. Power output adjusts depending on the device and port. 

The reason this charger can output 165W is all thanks to GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, which has higher temperature limits, enabling the ability to supply higher power. When you add the 165W charger to your desk setup, you can rest assured knowing that all your devices are charged up and ready for action.  

108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Charger 

While having a desktop charger to power your M2 MacBook Air is nice, it is also handy to have a wall charger that you can easily carry in your bag when you leave the office. And, of course, it must use none other than GaN technology so that you can supercharge multiple devices at once. The Satechi 108W GaN Wall Charger has three USB-C ports to simultaneously charge up to three devices. Multiple power configurations are supported, and you can easily power your M2 MacBook at full speed! 

Dual Vertical Laptop Stand 

Getting a new MacBook is a great feeling and might even empower you to be more productive. However, being productive is hard when your office space is unorganized. With that said, Satechi has the key to keeping your desk organized in a sleek, minimal way—The Dual Vertical Laptop Stand 

If you have multiple devices that you use daily for work, it is not a good look to leave them out in random places. They deserve a designated spot! This laptop stand features two slots with non-slip pads to keep your devices protected when not in use. The front section is approximately 1.2cm (12mm) while the section in the back is around 1.5cm (15mm). So, your MacBook Air M2 along with another device such as an iPad, or iPhone, will fit perfectly. 

USB-C Multimedia Adapter M1

The USB-C Multimedia Adapter M1 is designed to make productivity easy by adding these six essential ports to the newest generations of MacBooks:

2x 4K HDMI ports (60Hz/30Hz)
1x USB-C PD charging port (up to 85W) 
1x USB-C data port (up to 5 Gbps) 
2x USB-A 3.0 data ports (up to 5 Gbps) 

    With this adapter, you can connect up to two HDMI-enabled external monitors and output hi-res dual display, creating the ultimate workstation. Just ensure that the SiliconMotion software is installed for both HDMI ports to function (see manual for full instructions). 

    It also enables you to connect a plethora of peripherals such as a web camera, wired mouse, wired keyboard, hard drives, etc. so that you can optimize your workstation.  

    USB-C On-the-Go Adapter 

    Are you always working on-the-go? If so, you probably would like to optimize productivity wherever you may be using your MacBook Air M2. Luckily, productivity on-the-go is made easy with the Satechi USB-C On-the-Go Adapter. It is designed for portability and convenience, featuring a plethora of ports: 

    1 x HDMI port - up to 4K 60Hz  
    1 x VGA port - up to 1080p 60Hz  
    1 x USB-C PD charging - up to 100W, ~15W used to power the adapter  
    1 x Gigabit Ethernet  
    2 x USB-A data ports  
    1 x USB-C data port (does not support charging/video)  
    Micro/SD card reader slots  

    It also comes with two detachable USB-C cables. So, you can throw it in your bag, and won’t even know it’s there!  

    Thunderbolt 4 Dock  

    Last but not least, an accessory that takes not only your MacBook Air M2 to the next level but also your entire workspace. The Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Dock is a powerhouse with a plethora of features and cutting-edge Thunderbolt 4 technology, making your setup more versatile than ever before.   

    3X Thunderbolt 4
    4X USB-A (three data, one charging)  
    Gigabit Ethernet  
    UHS-II card reader  
    3.5mm audio jack port  

    Additionally, it supports up to two external monitors at a time with a maximum resolution of 4K at 60Hz Gigabit Ethernet. It is equipped with essentially everything you will ever need, so you might assume that it takes up a lot of space. However, that is far from the truth! This dock is only 19.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm, and its sleek, modern build allows it to blend in with your setup as if it isn’t even there. 


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